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#970 segfault when closing geany

Pablo Rodriguez

After working for some hours, I got a segfault when closing geany 1.23 (built on Apr 20 2013 with GTK 2.24.8, GLib 2.30.3).

The issue here is that I lost my list of open documents. Would it be possible that there is a backup copy of the preferences, so the user can recover it when something goes wrong?

Many thanks for your help,


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  • Lex Trotman
    Lex Trotman

    From the backtrace the crash appears to be in the spellcheck plugin, you should report it to the maintainer of that plugin.

    As for having a backup of the session, that would mean saving the config file (either Geany's or the project) each time a file was opened or closed to keep it up to date. That will slow down opening and closing, possibly significantly for situations where that file is not on a local disk, eg home/project directory is on a fileserver. This has been suggested and discussed many times but no good solution has been found.

  • Many thanks for your help, Lex.

    I'll report the bug to the right developer.

    Many thanks again,


  • I'm not sure if it'd be easily doable, but maybe a plugin or something could save the session from time to time -- a bit like Firefox does, but without the heavy syncing they do that makes everything slow. Something like when a file is opened/closed, a save request gets added, and some time after save is performed in one coalesced operation not to impact performance (or even better, from a thread).

    I don't know how easy it'd be to do that, but it probably could be added to the SaveActions plugin or something.

    Just an idea, I'm not particularly interested in working on this, and although I can understand it could be nice I prefer focus on preventing Geany from crashing :)