#946 Geany backfills with spaces when typing within virtual space


When the caret is placed in virtual space and a letter is typed, Geany back-fills using spaces. When the indentation mode is TABs, tabs should be used.

For instance, set indentation mode to TABs and open a source-code file which uses tabs for indentation. Go the the end of the file. Use the enter key to add a few blank lines. Go to Document -> Strip trailing spaces. Use the right arrow key to move to a column which is several tab widths in from the left border. Type a letter.
Since the editor mode is TABs, Geany should have inserted tabs to the left of the letter just typed. Instead, spaces are inserted.

12:22:01: Geany INFO : Geany 1.24 (git >= 0c5442b), en_US.UTF-8
12:22:01: Geany INFO : GTK 2.24.10, GLib 2.32.3
Ubuntu 12-04


  • Lex Trotman
    Lex Trotman

    The virtual spaces are done by Scintilla, not by Geany.

    When you position the cursor in virtual space and type a character, all Geany is told is that some spaces and a character have been inserted. Geany can't distinguish if that was the user or the "virtual" spaces.

    Since Scintilla has been told the indent type, this should be raised as a Scintilla bug. (www.scintilla.org)