#755 Flawed word selection using double-click

ji hugen

Double-clicking a word to highlight the whole word quite never works as expected on my system.
Most of the time the cursor actually moves but no selection is done.

After a some tests, I noticed that:
- If there is no current selection, double-clicking properly highlights the selected word.
- But if there's already a selection:
- when I double click quickly, the word is quite never selected, it only moves the cursor (well, it works one time out of ten).
- when I double click very slowy, it always works.
- when I triple-click quickly it also works (I mean, it selects the word, not the whole line...).

Geany: Geany 0.20, French_France.1252
Geany: GTK 2.16.6, GLib 2.20.5, GIO, built-in regex
CPU: P4 2.40GHz, RAM: 1Go
Mouse: Logitech MX300, MouseWare 9.80.019


  • ji hugen
    ji hugen

    A few additional informations...
    Though I had downloaded Geany Full Installer (with GTK 2.16), I already had GTK 2.22 runtimes installed on my system (for GIMP),
    - I tried to uninstall GTK 2.22 runtimes but it didn't help.
    - I have now reinstalled GTK 2.22 and Geany 0.21 without GTK 2.16. It's still the same...

    Also, though Geany is expected to be "a fast and lightweight IDE", it easily eats up to 33% of my CPU just by moving the mouse or double-clicking to select a word... It may have something to do with GTK and could be beyond your control, but it I thought it was worth mentionning it as I have the feeling that fast double-clicks are simply lost because Geany is not reactive enough (on my system) to catch them.
    Another example, if the cursor is placed so as two matching parentheses are highlighted, a double-click is most likely to fail.

    Last point, alongside Geany, I'm also using another scintilla-based editor (SciTE) which runs flawlessly on my system.