#62 X11 Copy/Paste fails randomly


Under X11, I'm used to copying text between applications by selecting the text with the left mouse button, then pasting it by clicking on the target place with the middle mouse button.

This always works within geany, but it fails randomly when I attempt to copy text from geany to other applications (tried with aterm and gvim).

The geany version I use is the one that comes with Mandriva 2007.1:

==> geany --version
geany 0.10.2 (built on Feb 28 2007 with GTK 2.10.9, GLib 2.12.9)


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  • Looks like it now works just fine, at least for me. Is this still an issue?

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    • status: pending-out-of-date --> open-out-of-date
  • Well I don't use aterm anymore, but the problem appears to be fixed with gvim at least.

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  • Ok, since I tested it successfully with aterm I'll close this. Thanks a lot for the responsive feedback!

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