#1043 Can't open remote FTP files


Since upgrade to Cinnamon 2.2 and GTK/GNOME 3.12, Geany can't open remote FTP files. No error displayed. Any file is seen as blank.

Accessing FTP files works with Gedit 3.12.1.

When accessing remote FTP location, Nemo/Nautilus now displays the actual FTP URL (ie. ftp://ftp.foobar.org) instead of GVFS mountpoint, as it previoulsy did. Not sure it is relevant to this particular bug though.

~/.gvfs directory is empty.

System : Manjaro Linux testing
GTK 3.12
Cinnamon/Nemo 2.2.1
Geany 1.24.1
Kernel 3.12.18-1-MANJARO
GVFS 1.20.1-2


    • status: open --> pending-invalid
  • Apparently gvfs-fuse mounts are now in /run/user/$UID/gvfs, so empty ~/.gvfs is probably expected. I don't have an FTP to test with, but works for me with a SFTP with gvfs-fuse 1.20, GTK 3.12. Nautilus is still 3.8 here, but it always displayed the stfp://url, not the fuse mount.

    Please make sure you have gvfs-fuse, and that it works properly.

    Anyway, Geany cannot access non-local mounts, and that's known and expected (at least for now), so if gvfs-fuse doesn't do its job of mounting locally with FUSE, it's a bug there, not in Geany.

  • ElVirolo

    Ok thanks, it does work -more or less- from /run/user/$UID/gvfs.

    The weirdest thing is that sometimes /run/user/$UID/gvfs is empty even though the FTP directory seems to be mounted. Anyway, not a Geany bug. Sorry for filing an invalid bug report.

  • No problem.

    However, why do you manually navigate to the gvfs-fuse mount? For me, opening with Geany from inside Nautilus works, and Geany's open dialog lists the mounts and navigate them seamlessly, just like GEdit.
    All gvfs-fuse magic happens under the hood, only way to tell is that Geany actually has a local path afterward.

  • ElVirolo

    It's because opening the FTP directory from within Geany doesn't always work. Sometimes I get an empty file. No idea why.

  • Oh, wow. This looks like a bug, possibly in GVFS or gvfs-fuse… maybe e.g. the FUSE mount happens on demand when trying to resolve a locale path, and the real mounting happens after the local path is resolved? Just a guess, I don't know.