#26 Better Find functionalities


I love the geany IDE. However I feel that i miss a few functionalities that would make it even better,
Can a quick find functionality be added to it?
I mean if i select a word/phrase and a press a key say CTRL+F3 (seen in many editors) it should go to the next occurence of this word/phrase,
This would avoid me going to the find window and then telling it to find the selected data, etc which does not look like can be controlled through the key board.
Also it would be great if a quick mark all feature too is added


  • Search -> Find Selected, Search-> Find Previous Selected

    If there is no selection, the current word is used.

  • Enrico Tröger
    Enrico Tröger

    Usually the keybinding for 'Find next' is F3 but this is Windows-like.
    The Gnome HIG says to use Ctrl-G which Geany does and Ctrl-Shift-G to Find Previous.

    Have a look at the Find menu where the requested actions already exist and some more.

    If you don't like the default keybindings, you can change them in the preferences dialog.

  • Enrico Tröger
    Enrico Tröger

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