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gDoomsday 1.1 Debian package

gDoomsday 1.1 package now available for Debian-based systems. I used CheckInstall to create it so it may not work. Install at your own risk.

It was created on a Debian Etch (testing) system.

Posted by Stephen Cofer 2007-01-18

gDoomsday 1.1 released

Minor release of gDoomsday 1.1 just to prove the project's still alive. Major fixes and changes are coming in the next version or two.

Posted by Stephen Cofer 2007-01-04

Uploaded Ubuntu 6.06 .deb package

Uploaded a package for Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06). If it doesn't work or completely destroys your system, I apologize. I'm not very good at creating Debian packages.

Posted by Stephen Cofer 2006-07-07