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New Release 2.1

Well, finally we released it: GDGraph for PHP 2.1. A lot has changed from 1.1 bug-wise, performance-wise and feature-wise. Be sure to look at the documentation on how to use the new features and what has changed on the graph structure.

We tried to mantain as much backward compatibility we could, but some of you out there may find some differences from the 1.x versions (especially on the line graph function)... believe us when we tell you that these changes were for the better good. Although the workarounds are quite easy and straightforward, if you run into any trouble, don't hesitate in contacting us for any help.... read more

Posted by Makko Solutions 2006-09-30

New Release 1.1.0

We were working on the 2.0 release already, but so many features that we were working on were so useful and interesting that we've decided to make an intermediate version for you guys.

Expect a new type of graph for version 2 and more work on 3D for all the graphs. Thanks to Mathieu Davy and chrego3-1 for their input.

Keep on coding.

Posted by Makko Solutions 2006-04-04