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Commit [23e498] Maximize Restore History

Adding two new files for regression testing

UnexpectedSequenceDelimiterInFixedLengthSequence.dcm contains a SeqDelItem marker within a defined length sequence. It should be handle with care when rewritting this SQ with undefined length
IM-0001-0066.CommandTag00.dcm is a simple version of IM-0001-0066.dcm but with an extra 0,0 tag which makes dcdump fails

Mathieu Malaterre Mathieu Malaterre 2011-06-16

added IM-0001-0066.CommandTag00.dcm
added UnexpectedSequenceDelimiterInFixedLengthSequence.dcm
IM-0001-0066.CommandTag00.dcm Diff Switch to side-by-side view
UnexpectedSequenceDelimiterInFixedLengthSequence.dcm Diff Switch to side-by-side view