Java Database Engines

  • Hello Daniel,
    I have found some additional Database Engines written in
    Java. See:

    "Mckoi SQL Database"
    looks good but I have not found numbers for the

    • Daniel Kionka
      Daniel Kionka

      Thanks for the links.  Mckoi is the smallest SQL I have seen, about 1 MB, almost the same size as GDBI.

      I was concerned about size when we discussed this before because I was looking for something that could be the default database for GDBI.  I think FSDB is the way to go for the default.  It is better than text files and maybe adds 2% to the code size.  With that as the default, we can add other databases like SQL as options, and users who are willing to download it and set it up can get the better performance (once it is implemented).

    • John Finlay
      John Finlay

      I originally thought that an SQL DB as the default would also be better, but I agree with Daniel that having a really lightweight built-in DB as the default and then having a generic JDBC backend for those who want to use a more robust database is probably the better route.  With a JDBC backend we could connect to any of the 100's of jdbc compliant databases (MySQL, Postgresql, Derby, Hsql, etc) without having to change GDBI code, just change a configuration file.