whereas I'm not so sure about thinking of it like this. I prefer to understand what the options are. Saying that the matrix is "model2world" to me means it's a transform, but I don't really think of matrices as being transforms. They are, but its a side effect. For me, i visualize a matrix as being the three vectors of XYZ modulation plus the 3D offset (the W=1 modulation). It certainly helps me come up with more novel solutions to problems when i think of it in this way.

Its like sometimes its important to remember that a vector with a W of 1 is a position and one with a W of 0 is a vector.
Don't dumb it down. You lose out in the long run.

On Feb 7, 2008 9:01 PM, Will Vale <will@secondintention.com> wrote:

> Because of this I find it more helpful to think of my matrices as
> object2world, world2view, view2proj rather than just 'world', 'view' or
> 'proj' as the link between the two is relevant.

Amen to that - it makes the concatenations much more straightforward to


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