Hello All,
This is my first mail on this dev-list. Its not directly related to equalizer but it deals with my doubt about the WGL_NV_GPU_affinity extension, which is provided by Nvidia for the quadro boards.
Here are my doubts

1)  As per the specs for WGL_NV_gpu_affinity, it says that affinity mask decides, as to which GPU(s) to send the openGL commands too. Say a system has 4 GPUs and the affinity mask is defined in such a way that it contains handle to all the GPU's. In this case, when we create affinity-context from affinity-DC, uisng there affinity -mask list, then, will it happen, that openGL commands will be sent to all the GPUs. In case when the app is uploading some data to GPU, like texture data, it will be copyied 4 times, one time in the memory of each GPU?

2) What is the practical use of the API wglEnumGpuDevicesNV? From the specs I can understand what are the params to it and what it returns but I am not able to figure out a scenario when this is used. Say I have 4 GPUs and I have 2 monitors.Monitors are attached to 2 GPUs and remaining 2 GPUs has not display attached to it.In this situation how could this API be used.?

3) Is it necessary to have all the GPUs attached to the display to use this extension?. I mean if we have only one of the GPU attached to the display and remaining one unattached, then will I be able to use all the GPUs.