There seems to be some missing information here. You have a network
and want to remove connections between nodes presumably while
maintaining the connectedness of the entire network?

If so, then there are nice algorithms that create spanning trees; look
for Kruskal or Prim's algorithm.
If not, then what are the additional constraints?
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From: mark meijer
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 9:09 AM
Subject: [Algorithms] Trimming network connectivity

Hi all,

I have a network of nodes that are connected.
So far they are connected based just on distance, which is too much.

How can I best filter out the extra connections?

I thought of keeping the closest links in the most diverse directions by
- group them based on angle, up to eight groups
- keep only the closest in each group

How can I group them?  Creating the intervals sounds a bit like a skip list.

Wish I had my old Tanenbaum book here, this must have been handled
in networking before.



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