Yeah, Tom should know... he's the lead guy now on RAD Game Tool's Granny 2 which is all about spline based animation.

-- David

[Christian Schüler on 4/30/2004 9:39 AM]
My unenlightened approach would be:
1) Split all euler based rotation so the x, y, z 
rotation curves have keyframes at the exact same 

If you store the tangents at these points too, this could work in reproducing the euler curves. However after converting the keyfranes to quaternions, the resultant playback could be quite different.

The suggestion of Tom is quite appropriate: Supersample the animation and fit splines through the data. This way you really don't care what the artists did in creating the animation. I'm doing a similar scheme here and I can export a character from Maya directly out of the rigged scene with all it's IK-handles, custom expressions and active constraints :-)

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