I believe that the answer of Sin is the more realistic  ; have you seen that in DAOC  the PNJ all have "areas" of activity ?
I fact those area can be a small "sector" of  the total geometry of the world , this allow PNJ  to reduce
 collision detection , ie to stay on the floor: a test with an Axis Aligned Bounding box Vs the faces list of this small area (cluster).  Also for PNJ against PNJ as far as they are in the same sector (let say "cluster")
it is much faster... The other optimisation is a simplified collision mesh used instead of the "real"
 mesh of the world .
Is is a bit like ZOI   (Zone of Influence)  in lightening 3D scene ; they are predefined sectors set in order to reduce the geometry "reached" by a dynamic light  (look in NeverWinter Night how the shadows "disappear" sometimes .., in order to limit shadow castings to 3 or 4 on the PJ  ) 
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> Just a small suggestion: why don't you divide your game world into many
> small areas and only check for collision between game objects that are
> within the same area?
> One method that come to my mind immediately is the BSP (binary space
> partitioning) tree approach. You can organize your world and static
> in the world into a hierarchical BSP tree, this way you can quickly filter
> through the static objects that might be colliding with your moving
> AI-controlled entities. Another similar method is the Portal-based method.
> May be you would like to check out the article by Nick Bobic.