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GCollider 1.1 released

GCollider 1.1 (2001-2005, M. Bauer)
released 05.08.2005

GCollider comes up with a new version (after three years). There are some improvements and a lot of bugfixes (see CHANGELOG).

It is recommended that you uninstall any older GCollider versionens before installing the new one.

The simulation files from older versions of GCollider can still be used with version 1.1. So remember to backup these files before uninstalling GCollider 1.0 or 1.0fix1.... read more

Posted by Marco 2005-08-05

GCollider 1.0fix1 released

The new GCollider is mainly a bug-fix release with the following changes:

- eliminated an error in Wertetabelle which occured with to many simulation steps
- changed the input of values for the sequence export dialog
- corrected the calculation of the scaling factor

new features:
- HTML help
- new cursor in the Wertediagramm

Posted by Marco 2002-10-02

GCollider bei sourceforge.net

GCollider ist umgezogen

Posted by Marco 2002-09-30