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Development continues...

gcdb continues under development. The core code developed by Cory has been branched using the LOWEND tag to allow the main branch to move forward in development. Current plans for the main branch is to introduce additional layers security instead of the admin/non-admin. The core gcdb in the LOWEND branch works, but not 100%. Some small items will be added and fixed up before the next stable release. If you wish to do development on the main branch, please let us know.

Posted by Rob Cermak 2001-11-28

Version 1.1.16 of gcdb

Beta release of gcdb. This is primarily to freshen the code on the Files area vs. CVS. The previous version is quite different than the one in CVS. Please sumbit bugs into the bug tracker.

Posted by Rob Cermak 2001-08-27

Version 1.1.14

Last in the 1.x series, 2.0 ahead!

Posted by Cory Watson 2001-02-10

Version 1.1.2

Ending a frantic weekend, full user support, with read-only customer access has arrived!

Posted by Cory Watson 2001-01-15

Version 1.1.1

See the ChangeLog

Posted by Cory Watson 2001-01-13

Version 1.1.0!!

Get it now, it's great!

Posted by Cory Watson 2001-01-12

Development Continues...

Real life has been in full effect lately, but work has progressed. gcdb now supports sessions w/users and all. Settings such as language are now user based.

Posted by Cory Watson 2000-11-27

New Version!

Just released 1.0.2, have fun!

Posted by Cory Watson 2000-11-12

New Release

1.0.1 Released!

Posted by Cory Watson 2000-11-04