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General rules

  • B0rsuk


    Some things need to be discussed.
    1. Current rules state that crystals (10) are not exactly hit points. They say that a creature can steal/shatter one crystal if it's unblocked.
    Essentially this means that creature's Strenght doesn't matter when it comes to stealing/shattering crystals.
    This in turn promotes summoning swarms of puny creatures to overwhelm the enemy.

    This is not necessarily good thing. Two solutions were suggested.
    My solution:
    - one crystal can be targeted by only one creature. That would mean that if a player has 6 crystals, only 6 creatures could be sent after crystal. This also means that stronger creatures would have better chance of succeeding, because they would be harder to stop.
    As a side effect, it would be much easier to defend when you have fewer crystals.

    Avery Yen's solution:
    - weak creatures can't destroy/steal crystals. For example a creature with strenght 1 wouldn't be able to shatter a crystal, but a creature with strenght 2 could do it.
    Also two strenght 1 creatures targetting same crystal could shatter/steal it.

    Which is better ? Perhaps neither ? This needs to be discussed and playtested as soon as possible.

    2. What's the point of shattering crystals if it's just as easy to steal them ?

    This is not necessarily a problem. Current rule page says that some cards will depend on amount of crystals, and it will be ocassionally good thing to shatter instead of steal.

    Until I see the cards, I'm not convinced. I'd rather make stealing more difficult, like, for example, to steal a crystal you'd have to
    1) attack a crystal with a creature and have it not intercepted
    2) crystal is successfully stolen if stealing creature wasn't killed in opponent's next turn (opponent - crystal owner).

    3. Do buildings have colors ? Or are they colorless, just like artifacts ?


    4. Distributing combat damage

    current Werocia rules page says that
    a) attacker can choose targets for his creatures, and...
    b) one creature can be attack by more than one creature
    c) one creature can be intercepted by more than one creature

    I think a slight change is needed to the way combat damage is distributed. At the moment, we use mtg rule (attacker distributes damage among blocking creatures). However, this may be a bit unfair. Two creatures (1/1 and 4/4) attack one 5/5 creature. And because attacker gets to distribute damage, he's free to assign 5 damage to his 1/1 attacking creature. 1/1 attacker and 5/5 defender die. A bit unfair if you ask me.

    I suggest something simple and intuitive.

    I             Attacker distributes damage dealt by attacking creatures
    II     Defender distributes damage dealt by defending creatures.

    ....and my concerns are gone.