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Assorted cards

  • B0rsuk

    Hey - is a topic like this right place to post new cards ?

    (so far I use mtg-like color costs... 1 is colorless, R - red, W - white, U - Blue, B - Black, G - Green)

    You may need to fill in the blanks sometimes.

    I use mtg-like power/toughness format, because I have no idea how to balance leveling, so far..

    F - stands for flip (card). Tapping is patented so we may as well start using something different now.

    L - I think we need some kind of L symbol. It would mean "amount equal to this creature's level"
    You could have a creature which deals as much as L damage when flipped.
    Or you could have another which needs L mana to level up.

    // - comment, not meant to be placed on card
    Berserker's Pride  -   R (or W and change name to Knight's Pride)

    Enchant creature

    Enchanted creature gets +3/+0
    Creatures attacking enchanted creature can't be intercepted.
    Enchanted creature intercepts each turn if able.
    When attacking, enchanted creature must target another creature if able.

    (Interesting card, I think. Adds quite a bit firepower, but at cost of flexibility. This means it could be useful to cast on either friendly or enemy creatures.)
    Proud Knight          -       2W

    Card type - Summoning (making Werocia vocabulary differ from MTG is not a bad thing from legal point of view, I think)

    stats: 2/3

    Creatures attacking Proud Knight can't be intercepted.
    Crossbow Infantry - 2W


    stats 1/1

    F:  Crossbow Infantry deals 3 damage to target attacking or intercepting creature. Crossbow Infantry doesn't untap during it's controller next unflip phase.
    Longbow Infantry        2W



    F: Longbow Infantry deals 2 damage to target attacking or intercepting creature.
    //deals less damage, but can do that more often.
    Moss Spider              G


    stats 1/1

    Venom 1