Feature request: MTG token menu

  •  adam

    gccg really needs to add Eldrazi Spawn tokens and Plant tokens for MTG, they are used in a lot of games.

    Here are the links to the token images:


    Also, it would be a good idea to split  up the token selection menu. As it is right now, when you click on "Select token…" from the right click menu, you get a huge list of every single token available. Instead, I think the first menu should have a list of the 10 or so most commonly used tokens (2/2 Wolf, 1/1 Soldier, 3/3 Beast, etc.) and then an "Other tokens…" entry that leads to the rest. That way, it is quick and easy to find the most common used ones, instead of having to scan through a list of 60 different items every time you create a token.

    Here is what i would suggest for the 1st menu -

    1/1 Soldier (W)
    2/2 Wolf (G)
    3/3 Beast (G)
    2/2 Zombie (B)
    0/1 Plant (G)
    0/1 Eldrazi Spawn (C )
    1/1 Faerie Rogue (UB)
    1/1 Myr (A)
    5/5 Dragon (R)

  • mofo

    as it has already been said some times the number of tokens that can be added to a server are limited to the number of slots the server had when it was created.

    mtg recently has no further available slots.

    btw there already is a wide enough pool of tokens you can chose among to represent spawns and plants (i.e. pests, homunculus, goats, thrulls… just to name 0/1 tokens) which are used in some games… and in one format only… and only for one more season.

    tokens should be cycled every season… but then some older tokens would be missing… atm the choice is to have a pool wide enough to represent a wide number of P/T

    about the first menu… creature tokens are sorted by name… so there's usually nothing to "scan", unless you are searching a token not on the list which you would not find anyway.