Gcbasic IDE+debugger+circuit_simulator projec

  • santiago glez
    santiago glez

    I'm working on a IDE+debugger+circuit_simulator, developed in C++ Qt4 framework.
    It can edit/highlight/compile/debug/simulate: gcbasic, pic-asm and avr-asm files, still very basic.
    Needs Qt >=4.6.2, Gpsim and Gputils instaled.
    Simavr, Gcbasic and Avra are included in the project.

    Only tested in Linux Ubuntu 10.04, but i think it could run in windows with the win versions of Gpsim, Gputils, Avra, and compiling Simavr for win.

    If someone wants to test it, there is a projet in sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/simulide/