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Debug failing out - how to fix

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson

    Hey there folks, don't know if anyone's still reading this forum, but hey --

    * Running Eclipse Ganymede on Ubuntu Jaunty, with Sun's JRE version 1.6.0_13.

    I've decided to dig into the GCALDaemon guts to see about fixing / extending some things.  I got the project loaded up into Eclipse, and finally got all the .jar files figured out -- apparently the GCALD zip no longer includes the "wrapper.jar" file (possibly due to licensing / distributing problems?), but it can be found and downloaded from:


    I used the community (GPLed) version, though if you have a license for the others, presumably any of them should work.  Adding the jar file to the /lib directory seems to do the trick.

    However, after I'd gotten that part out of the way, Eclipse kept showing me errors when trying to run the debug process as described on the GCALD web pages:


    Eclipse popped up the following error:

      'Launching GCALDaemon' has encountered a problem.
      Specified VM install not found: type Standard VM, name JDK60

    To fix this, click Run -> Debug Configurations, select the JRE tab, select the "Project JRE" radio button, and click "Apply".  This will re-write the GCALDaemon.launch file with the proper settings for your configuration.  Debugging should now work. 

    Happy hacking,

    -- Eiríkr