Fixed LDAP Server for german GMail users

  • Hello everyone,

    i started using the built-in LDAP server for using my google contacts in thundebird. As some other german users, i was wondering why no contacts were downloaded. For users with an own domain (instead of or in is checked wether the username contains the phrase "" or not before authenticating. If it does not contain the phrase, not the standard gmail login will be used, but Google Apps login. So i just changed the line from "if (username.indexOf("") == -1) {" to "if (username.indexOf("") == -1 && username.indexOf("") == -1) {" and the problem was solved.

    I think, this will not fix the problems for users using their own domain for logging in, but at least for german users.

    Nevertheless, i still need help for creating the jar file as i am not familiar with it an the settings that has to be made. It would be nice if someone could help me.