Howto set up file based sync for two users

  • upsys

    I recently found gcaldaemon and it is now working very nicely syncing my calendars on Lightning with Google calendar and from there on to my Android phone.

    I'm using the ics file based sync so that all of the calendars are still accesible, and can be updated, when the Internet connection is down.

    I now want to set it up for the second user of this same PC (using Windows fast user switching) who will share some of the same calendars.

    Could someone who knows the workings of Gcaldaemon advise which of the following two methods I should use to set up the second user:

    1. Point Lightning at the same ics file for both users, with Gcaldaemon syncing that file with Google.


    2. Create separate ics files for each user, and configure Gcaldaemon to sync both ics files with the same Google calendar.

    Both users can be logged in at once, but only one can actually be active and making changes. This means that the "switched out" user's lightning might be refreshing from the ics file, but not modifying it whilst the active user might do either. I guess both instances of Lightning open the ics file read-write.

    So for option (1) above,  might there be a conflict when both instances of Lightning try to acces the same ics file at the same time?

    Option (2) above would avoid that problem, but would Gcaldaemon be happy syncing two ics files to the same Google calendar, combining changes from all 3 sources? (2 ics files and Google)

    Any thoughts welcomed.