One-way sync between iCal and Google?

  • autumnmist

    Is it possible to make the sync between iCal and Google one way only?  I'm hoping to make it so that iCal -> Google but not the other way (if there was ever a problem and I lost my iCal, my life would be hellish.)

    • aberkes

      Hi, you should enable the 'offline' mode (in 'gcal-daemon.cfg' & version beta8):

      # Turn it on when you use dial-up connection (default is "false")

      I think, this is almost that, what you would like. If you never modify your Google Calendar
      (on the Google side using browser), the sync will be one way only (iCal -> Google).

  • (I don't think 'offline' mode does the trick. It seems it just alters the poling schedule)

    I think I came up with a manageable solution. This post is somewhat old, but since I've almost lost my marbles with google calendars duplications, I thought it might be good for future reference.

        1) Save an empty "wiper-out" iCal calendar ics file

        2) Edit a second GCALDaemon config file in which ALL 'file.ical.path' arguments point to '/Users/whatever/whatever/blank_wipe_out.ics'

        3) Script to perform 2 syncs:
            a) copy "wiper-out" over normal GCALDaemon config file
            b. invoke
            c. sleep some seconds
            d. copy normal config file back
            e. invoke again


        And, then, another happy customer! No way of google messing your stuff again.

         Hope this helps…

  • Please ignore my previous reply/crap idea. I was under the erroneous perception that Google Cal was messing up with my iCal database, causing duplicates and stuff… But now I believe it must be an Apple Sync Service issue.

         Anyway, a much more simple and guaranteed solution is this one I'm using: before each script, copy the whole ~/Library/Calendars folder to a specific location and config GCCALDaemon to perform the sync from that copy. That way iCal stays nicely "untouchable" while Google Cal conforms to the iCal database, no matter what.