gCal & OS X Leopard

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  • engintepe

    I agree with the applescript approach. Besides being safe and transparent this is also probably the most future-compatible approach.

    Has anybody tried interfacing GCALDaemon with applescript?

    Engin Kurutepe.

  • Joseph Hoot
    Joseph Hoot

    I'd also be interested in seeing what happens to this.  I was really excited when I downloaded this earlier today.  But as I'm trying to configure it now, I'm seeing that GCaldaemon still has issues with Leopard :(  It would be nice if google just started allowing caldav!

  • yozz

    Hello, first of all thank you for the great work you do on GCALDaemon. I have been using it everyday since I switched to Mac and find it so usefull.

    I am part of the (un?)lucky Leopard early adopters, and I am really disapointed with the fact I cannot use this great app anymore.

    I hope this will work one day...

    In the meantime, I subscribed to my Google Calendars within iCal, and to have some kind of sync, I published my iCal to www.icalx.com , and then subscribed to icalx within Google Calendar... The bad fact is that I had to publish my iCal publicly, which is not a problem for the kind of events I record but could be for someone else.

    Not the best solution, I know it, but that works pretty good, and I hope this could help some people around here while hoping a new great release of GCALDaemon :)

    Once again, thank you for this great work.


    • I have a general naive question--not being a mac user (yet). What do you need GCALDaemon on a mac to subscribe to Gcal? Is it to be able to write to the Google calendar?


      • Andre John Mas
        Andre John Mas

        You will need iCal 2, since iCal 3 (which comes with Leopard) changes things. IMHO, a caldav solution is needed, but we are not there yet.

        Note at this time I am without sync ability until a suitable solution arises.

  • t-bone

    Is there anything you need to help you debug this? Let me know and I'll try my best to help provide you info etc.

  • Can I suggest that a better approach to this whole thing (and in the long run a more universally useful solution would be to provide a go between with a caldav server and gCal.  Then any caldav client (iCal included) could participate in syncs with gcal daemon.


    • Andre John Mas
      Andre John Mas

      I too feel that the caldav approach would eventually prove to the most effective, since anything else at the moment starts feeling like a hack, that will eventually break.

      I have spent a bit a of time researching this option and if I have time would like to create a stub, based on the Tomcat Webdav servlet, that can then be extended and adapted to any other back end. Google Calendar one be just one of them. If someone has more time, then I welcome them beating me to the punch :)

  • tijerdyr

    So, is anybody working on either this caldav approach, or a rewriting the ical interaction to make it leopard compatible?

    • Andre John Mas
      Andre John Mas

      I had planned to, but I haven't been able to make the necessary time to do so.

  • sameer

    So, any updates? I'm really looking forward to have gcaldaemon run on Leopard...

  • kalib


    can we hope a hack soon for leopard or should we switch to gsync =/

    thank you.

  • tekiedude

    I followed the instructions above, installed the latest beta and I have one-way sync working.  ical->google but not the other way around.  It looks like the downloads work correctly but for some reason ical isn't picking up the new events. Anyone got this to work?

  • fruityth1ng

    - its about syncing without .Mac, but describes the ical/server communication nicely.
    Hope this helps :)


  • aberkes

    Thanks for everybody who wrote in!

    > that you have to delete "Calendars/Calendar Cache"
    > every time to make iCal re-read the ics-files.

    1) Beta15 removes "Calendar Cache" file after the synchronization (if the ics files have been changed).

    2) "Config Editor" searches Info.plist files under the "/Users/{username}/Library/Calendars/" directory (and under the "/Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/iCal/Sources/" too).

    Maybe it's enough to synch Leopard's iCal to Gcal (I can't test)...
    Perhaps needs to force iCal to reload its calendar, using a "calendar reloader script".

    Please try it out and let me know if it works for You.
    Any help appreciated, thanks!!!

  • NCBob

    Great application, just found this today.

    I'm running Leopard, and tried downloading the beta15.

    The behavior I'm seeing is as described:

    1. Creating an event in iCal before you've done any syncing will get deleted and not show up anywhere.
    2. After the first sync, creating an event in iCal seems to be one change behind when it get's synced to Google.  If I create an event for 1/30 it won't show up, if I make a change to 1/31, then on the following sync the event will show up as 1/30 on both calendars.
    3. Events created on Google Calendar require closing and opening of iCal a few times before the items will show up.

    Let me know if you need more information, I'd love to get this working.

  • buzzyapyear

    Ditto, really great app, hoping we can get it working in Leopard.

    Just to add my chips to the pile, I am finding that a fresh install and config of gcaldaemon works great.  Syncing both ways.  However after a sleep, or restart, I'm only getting one way syncing, from gcal to ical.  Entries made in ical never make it up to gcal.  In fact, when you sync, they simply get deleted from ical.

    I too would be happy to provide whatever info I can, please let us know.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Pritish Jacob
    Pritish Jacob

    @aberkes: Is this the best thread for the current status with regards to the issues with Leopard /iCal 3?  Beta 16 functionally accomplishes a two way sync, however I think there are a couple bugs having something to do with this semi-elusive cache, perhaps.  I think its reproducible by following these steps:

    1. ensure iCal is closed
    2. create event 'test1' in google calendar
    3. bin/sync-now.sh
    4. open-close-open iCal (runs 'upgrade' of calendar, & then gives a clean iCal start)
    5. delete event 'test1' in iCal calendar
    6. close iCal
    7. open iCal
    8. observe 'test1' is gone
    9. close iCal
    10. bin/sync-now.sh
    11. open iCal
    12. observe 'test1' returns (BUG)

    FYI by changing step 5 to delete 'test1' in google calendar, it seemingly works the first minute (both entries are deleted after sync-now.sh), then after a minute without syncing, both calendars show 'test1' (the reappearing that has been mentioned by others).  I will run this second test a couple more times and post similar steps to reproduce.

  • Pritish Jacob
    Pritish Jacob


    Steps to reproduce events reappearing in iCal after being deleted from Google calendar.

    1. ensure iCal is closed
    2. create event 'test2' in google calendar
    3. bin/sync-now.sh
    4. open-close iCal (runs 'upgrade' of calendar)
    5. delete event 'test2' in google calendar
    6. bin/sync-now.sh
    7. observe in debug log entry at log/gcal-daemon.log 'DEBUG | Removed event (test2) found in the Google Calendar.'
    8. open iCal (runs 'upgrade' of calendar)
    9. observe 'test2' is gone
    10. wait 35 seconds
    11. observe reappearance of 'test2' in iCal (BUG)

    environment/platform details (e.g. for timing in step 10): 2.4Ghz Macbook Pro, gcaldaemon 1.0 beta 16, iCal 3.0.2 (1236)

  • Jim

    First up I have a similar operating environment and using same versions and I can replicate the above bug.

    Another related bug is if you move an entry in GCal you will get the old and new entries in iCal - I suspect this is the ghost entry of the iCal entry that should have been deleted re-appearing - and if you then sync again, the old and new will end up back in GCal.

    The fact that the ghost entry re-appears seems to imply caching going on somewhere in iCal cos the script has completed by the time the ghost entry appears???

    Or is is related to the the following point of concern ie the GCALdaemon scripts do not have delete permissions so that the old entry is not actually removed from the Library/Calendars/Events folders - the fact that can be deleted in iCal is cos the permissions are correct while the GCALdaemon scripts do not have the required permission level?

    Why I think this?

    One point of concern ( I am a linux noob so this may not be an issue). I notice that the calendars have user:staff ownership in my mac, while the normal user account is user:admin ie the scripts are running as user:admin.

    OK searching a bit further - the phantom entry in the library does have different permissions. I found the entry using GUI preview mode - stepping thru the iCal database till I hit "test2". Then a "ls -l" in a terminal window shows this:
    -rw-r--r--  1 jreynolds  staff   525 24 Apr 15:41 7jo2fm6cu6mpp7bje9mpjqrt94-google.com.ics
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 jreynolds  staff   360 24 Apr 15:42 7lfeto0p6t3onji3i56c6mmgdg@google.com.ics
    -rw-r--r--  1 jreynolds  staff   384 24 Apr 15:41 7qoc0nt392e4hbojt09c13fjac-google.com.ics

    ie the @ symbol on the offending "ghost" iCal entry. I have no idea what this is though :-(

    Also note the creation date is AFTER the other dates . . . something is creating this entry after the sync.

  • Jacob Tolar
    Jacob Tolar

    @aberkes and interested parties:

    From my own (admittedly limited and 3-month-old-but-still-on-Leopard) research, I came to the following conclusion:

    The [duplicate event] issue is caused by a cache that Mac OS X creates to sync your calendars and other information (contacts too, I think) to devices (i.e., iPod, iPhone, etc). Oddly enough, it seems to create this cache even if you don't use these devices.

    I found that this was what was causing gCalDaemon's problems a while back but I seemed to have lost the location of the directory...

    thank goodness for macosxhints.com [http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20070120133655428&query=cache].

    I'm sure this is the same directory that I used a few months back:

    ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local

    As the hint says, I'm pretty sure the file causing the issue with the gCalDaemon sync is "data.syncdb". I have no idea what deleting this file could do to your machine, but it never harmed mine. I also don't know what will happen if you do, in fact, sync to devices...

    Hope that helps! I don't remember what order you you have to do all your actions to prevent problems...I'd think you want to delete it before you download any new events from Google, though.

    I posted this because I didn't use iCal for a few months (everything was handwritten!) but now I'm back at it and getting the annoying sync issues again. If nothing else, someone (I certainly could) could just create an applescript to run whenever you sync to delete the file.


    • Jim

      Ah  . . .good information . . . then this kind of implies that GCALdaemon needs to interface to iCal via SyncSevrices and not direct to the iCal database.

      • Jacob Tolar
        Jacob Tolar

        This is not a great, or even good, solution, but this simple applescript I wrote works for me on Leopard and google calendar:

        tell application "Finder"
            set Hm to folder "Library:Application Support:SyncServices:Local:" of home
            if (exists file "data.syncdb" in Hm) then
                delete item "data.syncdb" of Hm
            end if
            do shell script "/usr/local/sbin/GCALDaemon/bin/sync-now.sh"
            display dialog "Done"
        end tell

        It just deletes the data.syncdb file and then runs the sync. If you installed it under a different directory then you'll have to change the "do shell script" line.

        You might want to backup that file before you delete it. I'm not sure what it is used for...I just know that it hasn't affected anything so far in my computer usage. If it does, I'll let you know.

        Hope that helps someone!

        • Jacob Tolar
          Jacob Tolar


          I forgot to test deleting an event before I posted, which works from Google Calender for me but not from iCal (i.e., deleted events from iCal reappear after syncing).  Other things seem to work just fine (adding new events, changing details, etc). Anyone have suggestions about deleting events?

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