Rainlendar/Google Sync w/ Categories (help!)

  • SquaredCircle

    I've been trying to figure this out off and on for quite a while, with GCALDaemon, so I'm really hoping someone can help me.  I will try to be as descriptive as possible here.

    Ideally I would like to have it so Google Calendar absorbs what I have in my Rainlendar-a one-way sync.  I've had lots of trouble trying to get this to happen, so I'm willing to change my desired outcome.  Here's the issue I am dealing with.

    I've used Rainlendar for many years now, and I have a calendar with multiple categories (as most Rainlendar setups would have).  For simplicity's sake, let's say I have Category X, Category Y, and Category Z.  Each category shows up as a different color on my Rainlendar to more easily differentiate between them.

    For the longest time I've tried to set up my Rainlendar/Google Calendar configuration with GCALDaemon so that Google will absorb Categories X, Y, and Z, and place them all into one Google Calendar.  In other words, I don't care about the categories showing up on Google Calendar as they transfer from Rainlendar over to it.  I do, however, want the categories to remain untouched on my Rainlendar layout (I want the colors to stay there).

    Today I think I finally got it, but I've run into one big problem.  Category Z is birthdays, and that category of course repeats itself annually.  When I go to sync from Rainlendar to Google Calendar, I get an error message in the DOS prompt saying that it cannot handle "recurrence elements" (such as birthdays).  As a result, Categories X and Y show up on my Google Calendar, but Category Z (birthdays) does not.  When I sync again, Category Z is wiped completely from my Rainlendar since GCALDaemon is syncing both ways-something I'd rather not have, but something I can live with if my question(s) below is/are answered.

    Is there a way around this recurring events problem so that EVERYTHING will sync to Google Calendar?  If not…

    Time to change the game.  Is there a way to import multiple Google Calendars into one Rainlendar while keeping the Google Calendar categories synced to the ones in Rainlendar?  Pretty wordy there, so here's what I mean…

    Let's say I have three separate Google Calendars: Calendar X, Calendar Y, and Calendar Z.  In my Rainlendar, I still have Category X, Category Y, and Category Z ready to use.  Can I import all three Google Calendars to my Rainlendar and have each Google Calendar's name follow my categories' rules as they pertain to my predetermined Rainlendar colors?  So in other words, if Category X in Rainlendar has always been blue, can I make Calendar X's events import to Rainlendar and have every one of its events be blue based on the rules of my Rainlendar skin?  Same with Calendar Y (let's say, green), and Calendar Z (red).

    Sorry, I think I got a bit wordy there at the end.  I hope I made my desires clear.  Any help with this would be tremendously appreciated.  I'd be happy to try and clarify if need be.