google->ical sync does not work

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    I spent half the day tinkering with GCALDaemon and have failed to get it to work "properly" (caveat: there is no actual documentation that I can find that indicates what "proper" function of the software is or how to actually "run" it, therefore I am basing my assumption of "proper" behaviour on the very simple claim of "Bidirectional sync between iCalendar and Google Calendar" on the web site.)

    1. After installation, adding events to iCal and running of without error, iCal->Google Calendar works as expected (new items in iCal get automatically synced to Google Calendar).

    2. After deleting items from iCal and re-running, however, no iCal->Google Calendar synchronization occurs at all; the items remain in Google Calendar.

    3. NO Google Calendar->iCal synchronization happens under any circumstances that I can produce, either by running or or a combination of the two.

    4. There are no errors in the log files.

    In summary, this is a one-way sync only (iCal->Google) and only for adding events, not for deleting them.

    Am I missing something or is the actual expected behaviour of the application?