Gmail Contacts in Thunderbird - Still Viable?

  • dgschaefer

    I stumbled upon this from the Lifeahacker post from a few years ago.  I'm interested in this for using my Gmail contacts in Thunderbird.  It looks like development has stopped, however.

    Does this still work for using my Gmail contacts in Thunderbird?  I'm running standard stuff - Windows XP (perhaps moving to Windows7 soon) & the latest Thunderbird, accessing my mail accounts via IMAP.

  • Kirk Wolf
    Kirk Wolf

    When running 1.0beta16 I get:

    DEBUG | Gmail connection has been created successfully.
    WARN | Incompatible Gmail interface - unable to download contacts!
    DEBUG | Gmail connection released.
    DEBUG | 0 contacts loaded successfully.
    DEBUG | Gmail connection closed.
    INFO | LDAP server stopped.

    I looked at the source code, and it is using the obsolete GMAIL-CSV export API.
    I have also looked at the Google sample Java code and library:

    I don't think that it would be too difficult to redo this part of GCALDaemon.

    Has anyone done it?

  • Mickey Cohen
    Mickey Cohen

    Did you get anywhere? I am having the same problem.

  • Okay, so it looks like this isn't being maintained anymore.

    I agree it would probably not be hard to fix. I'd have a go myself, except I'm not really comfortable with the default setup method, which is to run it in /usr/local/sbin and have the downloaded contacts visible for all users. I also think running it under Java is a bit overkill; Python, with its smaller footprint and well-maintained Google libraries, is probably a better choice.

    But first, is there another solution? I don't trust any of the Thunderbird plug-ins for connecting with Google Contacts; they've stuffed up my Google Contacts! For this reason, I want a one-way sync only. Any ideas?