Cannot update calendar from Sunbird to Google

  • Deasun

    I am only able to create new items in sunbird which copy to Google calendar.  However adjustments (eg change of date) are not replicated to google and deletion of activities is followed by Google reinserting them in Sunbird.

    All ideas of where the problem might be would be welcome, as my objective is to be able to update the calendar offline and get reliable synchronisation.

    Many thanks, Deasun

    • Steve Hodgman
      Steve Hodgman

      I am seeing this as well.
      I am using GCalDaemon V1.0 Beta16 and Sunbird 0.8pre (latest nightly build).
      I have done some experimenting and found that creating a new event works fine. 
      Users who share the calendar see the new event created in Sunbird.
      If I then edit this event in Sunbird, it is transferred to Google OK and my login sees it fine.
      However, anyone who is sharing my Google Calendar does not see the event any more.
      So, it seems to be soemthing in the updating process that is failing, but only for users who share the Google calendar.
      (BTW, this sharing problem has only been checked for browser access)