I am using some OpenLDAP server on a linux box (Ubuntu) to store my contacts centrally. This address book is being edited using LAM (LDAP account manager) and I access it from several clients. Now I stumbled over this project.

So I thought I could possibly suggest some improvement…

It'd be nice if there was some possibility syncing my online contacts (GMail account in GoogleApps, with own domain name) with my linux box' LDAP database. Synchronization should be in both directions.

So I could have fast access to my contacts throught the intranet even if I am not connected to the internet. And (as my mobile phone syncs contacts with GMail, too) I would not have to re-enter all new contacts in the OpenLDAP database or the mobile phone if anything changes.

What do you think about my idea? Is it worth a try? Possibly the LAM code base (open-source, AFAIK) can help you to find out how to read/write-access an OpenLDAP server.