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Google Calender now supports CalDAV

  • Andre John Mas
    Andre John Mas

    GCalDaemon has been a great tool and has been the missing link I needed between Google Calendar and iCal. I would like to thank the developers for the work they have done.

    I have just read that Google has added CalDAV support to Google calendar:

    - http://lifehacker.com/399366/google-calendar-adds-caldav-support-enabling-ical-sync
    - http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=99355

    I haven't tested this yet, but will be sure to do so when I get home. If it lives up to its promise this is great news, though I am still going to need GCal Daemon for the LDAP side of things :)

    PS Hopefully the developers of GCalDaemon don't mind me posting this, but this going to become common knowledge sooner or later.