icla->gcal doesn't work, but can go opposite

  • gcal->ical works with beta 16, but nothing I do will get my ical stuff to go back to gcal.  There's absolutely nothing in the debug logs either, other than the calendar was loaded successfully.

    • morbo

      I have the same problem. I've got a pel script that generates ical files. I would like them to sync to Google. But When I start GCALDaemon it empties the ical files since the Gcalendar is empty. So I run my script again hoping that the new timestamp of the ical file will "force" an update to google. But that is not the case, 10 minutes later the Gcalendar -> ical takes place an empties the ical files.

      So is there a way to make GCALDaemon work one way (Ical -> Gcalendar)

      It's a strange request I know, it's like asking for the bronze when you won the gold .

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    Baffling. I just posted the opposite. iCal->Google works (for adding events) but nothing I do will cause Google->iCal synching.

    I'm going to give up and buy Spanning Sync. Would have been cheaper than half a day trying to figure this out.