#33 Repeating appointments do not sync

Eric Brown

Repeating appointments made in iCal fail during sync with this error: "Entry can not contain both gd:when and gd:recurrence elements".

This appears to be due to a change made in Google Calendar in July 2009. In my research, other apps designed around GC failed with the same error in July as well.

For another example, see http://www.daveswebsite.com/software/gsync/bugs.shtml (Go to the July 2009 section, 1.15.8 and later.)


  • Axel Gschaider
    Axel Gschaider

    Just wanted to post the very same bugg:

    just entered some university courses in my iCal
    I changed data one some of them (other location, exams, alarms) and just found ALL repeating events to be deleted except the ones I changed.

    reentered one of the courses, called sync-now.sh and got this

    "WARN | Unable to insert event (Machine Learning)!
    Entry can not contain both gd:when and gd:recurrence elements."

    reoccuring events in other calenders that where inserted via the google-cal-webinterface where not effected . . .

    MacOS 10.4.11
    iCal 2.0.5

  • Axel Gschaider
    Axel Gschaider


    forgive my spelling ;)

  • Same here.
    Using Evolution (2.26) on Ubuntu (9.04/9.10)
    When syncing repeating appointments entered in Evolution GCalDeamon says:
    WARN | Unable to insert event (THE NAME OF THE EVENT)!
    Entry can not contain both gd:when and gd:recurrence elements.

  • Axel Gschaider
    Axel Gschaider


    no developers reply . . .
    this bug made GCALDaemon unusable for me. I'll be back when this is fixed but until then I recomend calgoo ( http://www.calgoo.com/ ). Works nice for me.

  • stefan

    I tried this, but I ended up getting duplicate entries every time I synced.
    I had to delete like 500 events manually - so don't try this with an important calendar. ;-)


  • Anonymous

    Same problem here. My KOrganizer calendar was the initial source, and the Google calendar was empty. But after one sync (I think), and not only were recurring items not copied to Google, I later found all my recurring items to be deleted from the KOrganizer calendar.

    Obvious this is a very big data loss bug, I think it deserves a higher priority.

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