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gbuilder 0.2.1 released

New version fixes some bugs and adds a Go menu for better navigation in build messages and adds some keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Johannes Schmid 2002-01-07

gbuilder 0.2.0 released

gbuilder 0.2.0 is out with hopefully less bugs than the last release. Thanks to all bug reporters!

Posted by Johannes Schmid 2001-06-14

gbuilder 0.0.1 released

It's finished! Please test it and give me feedback!

Posted by Johannes Schmid 2001-05-16

Sourcecode is now in CVS

I have put the sources on cvs. If you want you can take a look at them. There are two thing which need to fixed until release 0.01:
- rgb2colour and colour2rgb seem to produce wrong values
- Styling of the ErrorItem does not work, it should be red (and maybe warnings should be

Posted by Johannes Schmid 2001-05-03

Homepage now online!

The project homepage was uploaded yesterday. It's not great but there is a screenshot an some information. Have a look at it (

Posted by Johannes Schmid 2001-04-30