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WEB updated to 2008-08-19 version

Apologies for neglecting this as long as I have, but I have updated the WEB conversion from the GBF dated 2008-08-19.

You can download the new conversion at

Posted by Matt Behrens 2009-05-11

gbf2bc 0.4, WEB 20051016 released

After an admittedly long hiatus, today version 0.4 of the gbf2bc converter software was released containing the single-line change to the map file for Judith (previously only available from CVS). Also available is a ready-made WEB For Bible+, from latest available GBF dated October 16.

Posted by Matt Behrens 2005-12-14

gbf2bc 0.3 now supports Apocrypha

gbf2bc 0.3 was released recently, which supports the conversion of the Apocrypha (specifically, those books that also have Bible+ book numbers) that recently appeared in the World English Bible, as well as a few other minor bugfixes. A corresponding ready-made WEB for Bible+ is also available.

Posted by Matt Behrens 2004-03-01

gbf2bc 0.2, WEB 20020228 released

The initial public release of gbf2bc has been made today, along with a ready-made Bible+ database of the World English Bible (excluding, at least for now, the Apocrypha.)

gbf2bc is a tool to convert General Bible Format files, such as the World English Bible's source ( into BibleConverter format for use with Bible+ for Palm OS (

Posted by Matt Behrens 2004-02-28