GanttPV v0.6 - Improved Printing and Gantt Chart Colors

What's New in Release 0.6?

New features:
- Improved row movement - keeps parent and child rows together
- Improved date input routines - more date abbreviations allowed
- Removed date restrictions (prior versions restricted new dates to within a few years of already entered dates)
- Allows override of gantt bar colors - colors can be set using scripts
- Added file signature number to database
- Redesigned several internal routines for greater flexibility and easier maintenance

New scripts:
- "Duplicate Project" - to support project templates (the copy omits completion and assignment data)
- Bar Colors - scripts to set plan bar color based on assigned resources
- "Select ID" - offers a list of record names, and enters the chosen record's ID into the current cell
- "Set Script Shortcuts" - adds shortcut keys to the following scripts: Copy Selection to Clipboard, Print Report, Select ID, Add Checklist Item to Task, Sort By Priority, and Sort By Selected Column
- "Save as Script" (in "Print / Export") - saves a GanttPV file as a text file (helpful when comparing two GanttPV files or when debugging scripts)

Updated scripts:
- "Print Report" - now supports all column types and prints better-looking gantt charts.

Bug fixes:
- fixed error in 0.5 that prevented install of measurement tracking
- (Windows) fixed problem that prevented display of reports that were iconized when file was saved

Posted by anime 2006-03-07