#36 Multiple selections

Brian Crounse

For 2.0, it'd be nice to be able to select multiple
tasks and do operations on them- for example, move
selected tasks up, or change the start/end dates of all
tasks either by dragging or via the properties box.


Say you select two tasks with the same start date (1
Jan 2004), but different end dates (1 Feb and 1 March).
If you open the properties box, the start date field
would be filled in with 1 Jan 2004, but the end date
fields would be blank (this would be consistent with,
e.g., how MS generally handles multiple selections;
it's one thing I think they do well). Setting the end
date would change that date for both tasks.

Also, if you dragged the left edge of either task, the
start date for BOTH tasks would change. If you dragged
the right edge, both end dates would change by X days
(however many you changed the one you actually
dragged). I think this would be better than setting
the end date to equal that of the bar that you dragged.

Again, my Java experience on 'real' applications is
zero (I plan on digging into the source sometime!),
but I'm guessing this is a major rework, and hence
better for 2.0 than 1.9.9.

1.9.8 is really nice, and shows steady progression.


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    HI Brian
    Ok It could in fact be a great feature for the futur release.
    I don't think we can put it into the 1.9.9, because you've
    right, there are to many tips to change..
    Thanks for the message, and enjoy the 1.9.8 :-)

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    I also vote for this one.

    Changing Start Date, Color, Shape and Priority of many will be
    great feature.

    Thanks for the great tool.

  • Felix

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    This gets my vote.

    I consider this fundamental functionality as it is one of
    the things that sets apart computer aided tools from working
    with paper and pen.

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    For the multiple selection
    I've add the feature on CVS for several action
    - indent/unindent
    - up/down
    - delete
    - unlink
    but not still for the properties task
    I'll probably reformat the fialog box in consequence