#261 Tasks outline numbered

Elio Voci

Automatic outline numbering is essential when dealing
with large number of tasks which should be referenced
in other narrative (reports, budget, etc.)


  • Trebly

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    It seems to me that they are several problems :
    - the task ID can be viewed and exported (CSV) but is not
    - for the moment there is no option to output into graphic
    report anything else than the task name, it is a necessary
    - when you export with CSV the ID is given but the task
    appears in disorder int othis file so as the display number
    of line (outline number) is not a data of the item, so it is
    impossible to make an external list in the same order than
    outline without re-associating manually this outline number
    which can change at any time and needs to be redone each
    time (a lot of work)

    My solution is for the moment :
    - export CSV and manage with excel a list sorted in the ID
    order with all data need, custom as description, remarks,
    progress comments, budget etc...
    - when I need an excel report sorted in the same order than
    the graphic I create form the gantt display a list of ID.
    Just get the IDs in the graphic order and number the line,
    sort with excel by ID, copy to CSV file - sorted too by ID
    and generate Excel report. If need be I get too the
    hirarchical level and use it to generate by VBA program an
    outline into excel. Ir is sure that it is a lot of work.
    So this description will give all useful information to the
    GanttProject team to identify need and optimized solution.

    I too test and be quite successfull in exporting .gam (XML)
    to mysql database and convert to others.

  • burmair

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    I agree. Even sequential-numbered would be acceptable. For me this is the one missing feature that prevents me from using GanttProject.