#175 Insert sub-project references

Yannick Lefebvre

It would be very useful to be able to include
sub-projects inside of a larger project to get a larger
view of a department. In our company, many employees
manage schedules for the project(s) that they are
working on. In Microsoft project, the manager of this
group is currently bringing in the separate schedules
inside of a master schedule to see how all of the
projects line up and if there are any conflicts for
shared resources.

I cannot find a way to achieve this in Gantt project.


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    I haven't done that with MSP, but Rational Rose (IBM's UML model tool) has similar feature: it can split a large model into smaller working units.

    This feature is very useful when dealing with large projects and large teams.

    Just to illustrate, this is an example:

    Let's suppose we have the following files:

    [File X]
    Task A
    * Subtask B1
    Task C (Link to file Y)
    ** Subtask B2
    Task E (Link to file Z)

    [File Y]
    * Task C
    Subtask D1
    Subtask D2

    [File Z]
    Task E
    * Subtask F

    When somebody opens file Y and Z, they will use it as any GP file. File X will have a different way to deal with. When opened, a messagebox will appear asking if user wants to load all referenced files also (files Y and Z) - just to prevent unnecessary waste of memory. Then, the user can:
    - Use a new menu option to check project consistency (inter-file dependency, etc)
    - Load/reload linked files
    - View (or even edit) all tasks, including C, D1, D2, E and F