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GAmp / News: Recent posts

GAmp 2.0 Released

GAmp media player 2.0 has been released today, making great strides from the previous version of GAmp. GAmp 2.0 takes your average audio and movie playing experience and takes it to the next level with some awesome feature set no other media player provides.

GAmp 2.0 allows you to create multiple play lists (such as 'Music', 'Audio books', 'Movies', etc) and save the current track and play time of each of them, so that you can switch between them and never lose your place. ... read more

Posted by JCD 2007-06-03

More on GAmp 2.0

GAmp 2.0, an open source media player for Windows, is just about ready for release (with mostly testing, bug fixes, documentation and a little source code clean up left).

I have posted some preview images of GAmp 2.0 with a newly formed skin. You can see GAmp 2.0 at: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=171973.

In addition to GAmp's much improved skinning ability, GAmp now supports multiple playlist, so that you can sort your media files out based upon things like genre and type (video, audio, audiobooks). Each playlist supports the ability to save your place, so that when you switch playlists, you don't lose your spot in your book, movie or song! If that isn't enough, GAmp also supports scripting with an extensive API, full sort and search playlist capabilities, ID3v1 and WMA tag support, play timer, internet radio and much more!... read more

Posted by JCD 2007-05-02

GAmp 2.0 progress

I've been slowly but surely getting GAmp 2.0 together for a summer release. This will be the second big project release, when it is completed. And while I was working on GAmp, I also created a pretty cool automation tool to do some GAmp testing. While it's not out on SourceForge yet, if anyone is interested, let me know.

So what will be new with GAmp 2.0? It will include multi-playlist support, fully documented code, better playlist support, better skinning options and much more! GAmp 2.0 will use .net 2.0 and is specifically be built around Visual Studio 2005.

Posted by JCD 2007-04-20