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Rewrite for the Nth time

Well, that's what happens with this project is really here for me to experiment with. Maybe one day I'll take it more serious, but for now I'm more worried about writing something cool than something useful.

So, I've gone and re-written the most basic stuff:
Plugs, leads and some everything in between.

Hopefully this'll be the last major rewrite so I can get stuck into some graphics work.

Posted by Disco Stu 2013-04-21

Chirstmas release

Lots of stuff here. So merry Christmas everyone.

Almost all tests working.

The new migration pattern save/load works for all classes.

New plug containers all working.

Some macros to make writing figments easier.

old valve array and postman have been removed.

Posted by Disco Stu 2012-12-17

June release

Hi everyone, the latest source is available as a zip. Visual studio support is still not right just yet, but it's next on my to do list.

Posted by Disco Stu 2012-06-17

Update to boost 1.49

The minimum version of boost required by this project has been lifted to version 1.49, compared to the old minimum of 1.46.

Posted by Disco Stu 2012-06-17

HG now primary source control

OK, there are a few advantages to using HG. The most important one is that it works on OSX which is my only OS at the moment. So, for the time being at least, mercurial will be the primary spot to get the latest gamestool hotness.

Posted by Disco Stu 2011-05-04