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Merry Christmas!

The Gamers.IRC team wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014!

Posted by Christian Götz 2013-12-24

Waiting’s over: Gamers.IRC 6.07 is here.

Good evening, dear users,

mIRC 7.32 is out, and so is Gamers.IRC 6.07. We made a couple of small improvements and added two new functions: You can register with IRC bots like Q and NickServ more easily now and view and change the list of automatically joined channels more comfortably. Furthermore, we added a new About tab concerning the IRC protocol’s 25th anniversary. Have a look and see how everything began! Just enter /about in Gamers.IRC or open the dialog from the menu.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2013-10-13

Gamers.IRC 6.06: Windows 8 and more

Dear users and friends,

don’t worry – is temporarily not as beautiful as you are familiar with. The reason for this are technical difficulties we hopefully can work out soon.

But there is also good news! For a couple of months we hid in our dark programming basements again to bring you something new:

The recently published Gamers.IRC 6.06 comes with a couple of Windows-8-related improvements, including a better installation system and some bug fixes. Also the new mIRC 7.29 which contains a few interesting changes itself was added: read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2013-05-01

Merry Christmas

24. December 2012

We, the Gamers.IRC team, wish all users a merry Christmas 2011 with their beloved ones and a happy new year.

Posted by Christian Götz 2012-12-25

Gamers.IRC and Windows 8

21. December 2012

Using the new Windows 8 it may occur that a pure mIRC is started when you try to start Gamers.IRC. This is because – even if you installed it as admin – mIRC has no priviledges to access the Program Files folder.

This can be solved by granting mIRC administrator priviledges. In order to do that, please open the Gamers.IRC program folder (where you had installed it), right-click the file mirc.exe and choose “Properties”. A new window should appear, containing the tab “Compatibility”. At the bottom of that tab you can find the checkbox which automatically grants the needed rights to mIRC (and, thus, Gamers.IRC). After restarting mIRC the problem should be fixed.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2012-12-21

Freshly squeezed: Gamers.IRC 6.05

30. October 2012

Dear visitors and Gamers.IRC users,

maybe you have noticed the technical difficulties with the Gamers.IRC website during the past few weeks. They are mostly fixed now, but it is not possible to download Gamers.IRC via the IRC itself yet. We hope to be able to work around that issue soon.

For now we have a new toy for you:

Gamers.IRC 6.05 is released!

Most changes were made inside the engines. Among a couple of other changes we included the new mIRC 7.27 which fixes some bugs. Major changes will follow in one of the upcoming Gamers.IRC versions, stay tuned.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2012-10-30

New toy: Gamers.IRC 6.04

21. June 2012

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

we recently received queries if we still worked on Gamers.IRC. We care about your worry about the future of Gamers.IRC, but be assured: If we would ever decide to retire from developing Gamers.IRC, we would let you know that in time.

Since Gamers.IRC 6.03 had been released, we continued coding, so today we can show you the new Gamers.IRC 6.04. This version primarily fixes small inconsistencies using an IRC bouncer, especially ZNC support had several issues. Also we added a new extension, the Setup Tree Editor, which enables you to change the symbols in the Gamers.IRC Setup dialog tree.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2012-06-21

Gamers.IRC comes without a virus.

28. January 2012 by Tuxman

Dear users,

we recently received a couple of freaked out comments saying that the installed virus scanner reports an infection by Gamers.IRC or its installer.

That alert is wrong. Before we release it, each new Gamers.IRC version is checked for possible malware which could have slipped in with VirusTotal as we – just like you – are not interested in being infected, so we can assure you that we don’t spread any known or recognized malware. The fact that some virus scanners already report mIRC as such is sad but known to us.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2012-01-28

Merry Christmas!

24. December 2011 by Tuxman

We, the Gamers.IRC team, wish all users a merry Christmas 2011 with their beloved ones.

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-12-24

Wanted: Beta-Testers and Coders

10. November 2011 by Sentinel

Dear users,

for the upcoming Gamers.IRC releases we are hiring new coders, beta testers and translators.

Required skills are some free time, creativity, (optionally) coding experience in MSL, TCL, MTS, HTML/PHP, or Delphi. Translators should fluently speak a language which is not a part of Gamers.IRC yet.

If you’d wish to apply, send us some email containing some information about you and why you think you could do it. Our address is contact1 [at] gamersirc [dot] net.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-11-12

Gamers.IRC 6.03: Fixes and flaws

24. October 2011 by Tuxman

Dear users,

we thankfully enjoy your bug reports. Gamers.IRC 6.02 had some small problems indeed which we had noticed too late.

Therefore, we have just released Gamers.IRC 6.03, fixing some things and equipped with the new mIRC 7.22 which fixes some things itself.

A list of changes in Gamers.IRC 6.03 is available with the downloads in our download area, the mIRC 7.22 changes can be found on mIRC’s website. read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-10-24

Gamers.IRC 6.02: Maintenance update

11. September 2011 by Tuxman

Dear users and prospective users,

Gamers.IRC 6.02 is now available!

Unfortunately there have been a couple of problems in version 6.01 like a crash in our Winamp control. These problems should be history now. Additionally we applied some tweaks here and there, and with “Daily Garfield” there is even a new add-on available for download.

If you want to share an add-on with us too, use the “Submit scripts” link in Gamers.IRC or click here:
We appreciate every single submission!... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-09-11

Gamers.IRC 6 and the update functionality

10. April 2011 by Tuxman

Dear users,

since we had upgraded Gamers.IRC to the mIRC 7 base, our internal update functionality is unfortunately broken a bit, so if you use Gamers.IRC 6.00 and want to update to Gamers.IRC 6.01, you will need to use the manual update installer which you can find here.

The problem will be solved in the next Gamers.IRC version, the version after that version is updateable internally again.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-04-11

Gamers.IRC 6.01 is ready to go

03. April 2011 by Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

regardless of the long term of testing, Gamers.IRC 6.00 had some tiny bugs, sorry for that.

Because of those we decided to release a new version today:
Gamers.IRC 6.01 fixes most of the regressions in version 6.00.

Among the several bugfixes we also added the new mIRC 7.19 which fixes some of its internal bugs, too. You can obtain Gamers.IRC 6.01 from the download area via web browser or eMule. read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-04-03

Brand-new: Gamers.IRC 6.00

01. February 2011 by Tuxman

Dear visitors,

with the mIRC 7.1x release many things have changed in the mIRC world. Also Gamers.IRC was prospecting huge changes and we were preparing for a bunch of work. That work is now, finally, done, and today we proudly present the new Gamers.IRC 6.00.

Among the most important changes is the new mIRC 7.x base, a reworked settings dialog, support for the popular ZNC bouncers and many tiny bugfixes. We recommend you a peek into the change log before you download it. read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2011-02-01

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

25. December 2010 by Tuxman

The Gamers.IRC wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.
All of your wishes may be fulfilled.

Of course, also the Gamers.IRC had a few wishes. Among others, we wanted Gamers.IRC 6.00 to be released in 2010. Although we work on it whenever we find some free time, we haven’t managed it yet, but we are confident to make it happen in early 2011. Only a couple of small things are still missing, and of course there will be another short beta period before the actual release.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-12-27

10 Years of Gamers.IRC

18. November 2010 by Tuxman

Ten years ago, on November 18, 2000, Felensis, today known as Aeuniko, released beta 5, the first public version of the mIRC script collection Gamers.IRC which was reworked several times during the following years. Gamers.IRC 3.1 looked rather different yet:

Many things have been changed since then, many small and not so small improvements have been made; and although we sometimes seem to take our time between the versions, we are constantly working behind the curtains:
Gamers.IRC 6.00 is almost ready and done, many busy beta testers helped us well during the last few weeks to make the upcoming Gamers.IRC version even better.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-11-24

mIRC 7.1 and Gamers.IRC

31. July 2010 by Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

On the mIRC website (, the mIRC developer has recently published mIRC 7.1. This update introduces quite a bunch of changes compared to mIRC 6.35 which is included in Gamers.IRC 5.32. Besides many other things, the support for Windows versions prior to Windows 2000 has been dropped and support for UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and IPv6 has been added.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-07-31

We’ve just released Gamers.IRC 5.32 :-)

26. July 2010 by Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users and friends,

despite the warm, sunny weather during the past few weeks we were not idle all the time, so today we proudly present the new Gamers.IRC 5.32 to you.

As usually, we filed some rough edges and improved many details. We also introduced a new feature, a direct connection to your existing TeamSpeak 3 installation. Now you can easily start a TeamSpeak 3 chat directly from the context menu of another IRC user. Of course this requires him to use Gamers.IRC and TeamSpeak 3, too.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-07-26

Gamers.IRC 5.31 is there!

18. April 2010 by Tuxman

Dear users,

the first Gamers.IRC version in 2010 with many small changes is available.

The new Gamers.IRC 5.31 fixes all known bugs and introduces a few useful improvements. Also it is possible now to use multiple NickServ accounts in different IRC networks.

You can obtain Gamers.IRC from here ( A verbose list of the most important changes can be found in the change log ( If we accidentally missed a small issue, please report it in our board (, and we will try to fix it immediately.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-04-18

Happy Easter 2010!

04. April 2010 by Tuxman

The Gamers.IRC team wishes you a happy Easter 2010 and joyful Easter holidays.

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-04-09

Recent hotfix versions

26. February 2010 by Tuxman

Dear users,

as we find some critical Gamers.IRC bugs from time to time but not everyone is able to make the necessary changes from the hotfix forum (, we provide fixed files containing all recent hotfixes separately now. You’ll only have to replace the particular Gamers.IRC files (depending on your Windows configuration in your Program Files or the %APPDATA%\mIRC directory) with the fixed ones.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-03-05

Windows 7 and the agentctl.dll problem

23. January 2010 by Tuxman

We were reported that, on Windows 7, there are some problems due to the fact that Windows 7 does not support MS Agent anymore, so some things may lead to error messages like “Could not find agentctl.dll”. In mIRC and Gamers.IRC, these avatars can be enabled via Alt+O – Sounds – Agents.

According to mIRC’s author, mIRC itself does support but not rely on Microsoft Agent, so any messages related to it can safely be ignored.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-03-05

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

24. December 2009 by Chris

The team of Gamers.IRC thanks for your attention during the last year. We wish all users and supporters of Gamers.IRC a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. In 2010 there will be a new Gamers.IRC version. Be prepared.

- your gIRC Team

Posted by Christian Götz 2010-03-05

New beta testers and translators wanted again

27. November 2009

Dear readers,

as we recently shrinked our beta testers team, we are looking for new volunteers to test upcoming Gamers.IRC versions.

We require someone with a Windows system who is willing to regularly report any issues you might stumble upon. If you are interested in joining the team, send a short note with your reason to apply as a tester to, we will contact you then.... read more

Posted by Christian Götz 2009-11-28