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Mundo 0.18 Released!

* Merge of revisions 735-737 - Large refactoring by Winheim
* Login screen
* Eliminate scenes.pas (obsoleted by Maps)
* Create account screen
* Ranking screen
* Graphic Login Screen and graphic layout for register and ranking screens.
* Improve movement synchro between client and server.
* Fix monster colision.
* Reduce chicken speed.
* Constrain password editbox to 8 characters
* Change respawn to 2 minutes.
* Wrong password message on login screen
* Make monsters do not attack non-logged characters.
* Change map - enlarge trees and put more monsters
* Fix player death
* Put the cheese back
* Fix red screen
* Put a button to ranking screen
* Fix healing to limit to 100%.
* Reset player after death.
* Slow down attack interval of the monsters and revise it's strength.
* Put players lifebar back
* Performance review.
* Implement calls to browser in closed-source operating systems.
* Fix - other players attack dont perform.
* Fix - can't see monsters attack other players.
* Fix other players jump.
* Fix - when other player attack stops walking
* Fix logout of other players
* Fix - one player can hit the other dislogged
* Fix - other players attack repeats
* Fix - Segmentation fault when jump

Posted by Rodrigo Robles 2010-10-19