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GASPilot 0.2 Released

GASPilot is a free tool designed to test and demonstrate techniques to make games more accessible as they are developed and placed into the Game Accessibility Suite. GASPilot is at the very early stages of development, but already provides two primary features:
1. Speed control within many modern video games.
2. Software adaptation of the QuadController XBox/360 to be used in FPS-style games.

Posted by Michael Ellison 2008-02-01

GASThrottle prototype released

GASThrottle is a utility for Win32 games that allows you to slow them to 10%-90% of their original speed.

It is the first prototype of a set of utilities planned for the Game Accessibility Suite.

Posted by Michael Ellison 2008-01-14

Game Accessibility Suite Project Started.

The Game Accessibility Suite is a project to create software aids for disabled gamers. Right now, we're just getting started - If you have an idea for a tool that would help you, please let us know in the gameaccess discussion forums!

Posted by Michael Ellison 2007-12-19