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new project site countdown

dear users and visitors,

i have scheduled a new version and interface of gallery4all site. it will have extensive informations about script documentation and troubleshooting, more informations, and a smooth design (i hope you'll like it).
i will also add a quick quiz that will help me get your oppinions about the script and the rest of the site.


Posted by Serban 2004-12-11

Incomming 1.1 STABLE


i am planning on releasing Gallery4All ver. 1.1 STABLE with fixes in configuration files, relative paths to files, multiple new features, random pictures block that can be called everywhere in the script, gd version check for administration, code optimisation

i hope you'll enjoy it


Posted by Serban 2004-12-02

work started

hello everybody

i just started the work of putting all the content online. please have some patience and everything will be online (docs, files, support, faqs)


Posted by Serban 2004-11-07