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Yogurt Licence Change!

Yogurt changes it's licences to conform with GPL to enable the packaging and redistribution via the ImpressCMS Project.

As most of you will no doubt already know, Yogurt was originally developed by Socio to provide a social networking module for the XOOPS community, Socio at the time decided that the creative commons licensing mode would be most appropriate for him and the distribution of his module. As time went on he found he had less time to dedicate to the development of this module.... read more

Posted by sato-san 2009-03-13

Yogurt Social Network version 3.3 RC2 Yogurt

This module features a simple Social Network for your impresscms / xoops site. Very recommended for comunities sites. It allows users to have a personal album of pictures, a personal album of videos from youtube, a audio album for mp3 files, a list of friends, a public wall for messages(scraps), to create communities (tribes), to adjust configs to set who can see what, it also allows admins to block users from using the site for a certain amount of time. The use of the module is very simple and the front end is clean and beatifull thanks to the lightbox2 feature and to jquery tabs.

Posted by sato-san 2008-08-28

Yogurt new life!

As founder of the yogurt project i never thought one day I would not have time to develop it further. But that day arrived and fortunetaly I had good friends who were free to take and carry it over.
Some weeks ago i received news from edvbox and phppp about a xss vulnerability in the script. Even if that was a simple matter of casting integer variables I really don t have the time to do it now. Edvbox offered himself with the help from some icms members to work on that vulnerability and to carry the project which i have accepted gratefuly.
I received many emails from xoops users asking if the project would continue to be compatible with xoops 2.0 and the next 3.0 version. I answer to them that what i have dealt with edvbox was exactly that, to take the project and make it compatible with icms but to maintain the xoops compatibility as well.
Today after talking to phppp with who I have dealt a long time ago to make yogurt part of the next profile module of xoops 3.0 i have decided to add him too as project manager of yogurt.
Both are good friends of mine and have my full confidence. Yogurt is a free open source module that was created for xoops mainly but that will work soon on impresscms and i hope someday on xoops cube. That s why i have asked phppp to deal with edvbox and not make changes that would make it uncompatible with impresscms.
One day this module wont be compatible with the three branches of the original xoops project but that day don t have to be today.
I hope everyone will understand my positions, and that every help is welcome to make yogurt a better module for its users.... read more

Posted by Marcello "Suiço" 2008-08-25