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Galaxy Forces V2 / News: Recent posts

1.81 released

  1. mission17 added
  2. missing maps added to editor_maps directory
  3. added faulty joystick detection and deactivation (linux)
  4. added unused functionality in input.cpp (exclusive mouse, mac, linux)
Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2014-07-11

1.80 released

  1. Fixed vc2013 project files
  2. Fix part of menu background visible in game with
    narrow map and maximized window before starting
  3. Fixed path handling issues in editor
  4. Changed external tileset path to the path of resource.dat
  5. Updated editor_readme.txt
  6. Corrected comments spelling in src
Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2014-06-25

1.79 released

  1. Fixed config.txt PAD_ENABLE option
  2. Linux: fixed keyboard bug
  3. Linux: added exe/linux_x64
  4. Linux: removed extention on binaries
  5. Editor: crash fix
  6. Removed glu dependency
Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2014-06-23

1.78 released

  1. Fixed so multiplayer is working again.
  2. Removed the concept of 'ready' from gui and game/server
  3. Fixes to mouse wheel.
  4. Fixes to joystick.
  5. Replay gui updated with more columns.
  6. Added vc2013 build files in code tree.
Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2014-01-17

1.77 released

  1. Now possible to set joystick device in Linux version.
  2. New sound samples (all 16 bit).
  3. Minor fixes in the code.
Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2013-12-10

1.76 released

1. Performance fix for Linux version.
2. Added score column for global replays in replay GUI.
3. Bugfix for engine sound not audible if on directly at the start of a level.
4. Minor adjustments to achievement score limits.
5. webreplay: code and project fixed to run both from eclipse and jar.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2012-02-25

1.75 released

1. Bugfix in achievements (not always saving after updating existing entries).
2. Minor fixes in .map race08, race11, dogfight2, mission_coop0 and mission_coop3.
3. Minor GUI list fix (wrong color for first icon).
4. Minor adjustments to achievement score limits.
5. Editor: bugfix in save of door element (v2.23).
6. WebReplay: maps updated to be in sync with game.
7. zip_exec utility v1.10 (no known problems).

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2012-02-15

1.74 released

1. Achievements (gold, silver, bronze), per level per player, shown in the GUI.
2. Gamepad/joystick now working for Windows, Mac and Linux, it has been broken a very long time.
3. Bugfix in server, some cleanup, old server hiscore files not compatible any more (will be overwritten).

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2012-01-27

1.72 released

1. Mac: Now possible to write a "@" in the contest dialog.
2. New levels (mission01_mod, race10_4pl_mod).
3. Source tree should now build on all 3 platforms.
4. More code comments.
5. Web code added to src.
6. Web replay code added to src.
7. Added zip_exec utility and fixed release build script.
8. Fixed so computer enemies behaves ok if the master leaves.
9. Fixed key repeat issue in map editor.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2012-01-06

1.71 released

1. A working release for Mac (Xcode project added).
2. Player final scores in mission mode is visualized while playing (also added in web replay).
3. Fixed unfair scores for coop map type.
4. Stop time counter in race replay when finished.
5. New program icons in Windows.
6. Mouse wheel works in gui list.
7. Paste works in gui edit box (windows only, for now).
8. AI player state is fully transferred with mastership.
9. Bugfix in hiscore name, could not contain spaces (old versions will not work properly).
10. Instruction of how to enter a '@' in the hiscore dialog.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-12-12

1.67 released

1. Added and enabled contest functionality.
2. Server crash bugfix.
3. Bugfix in dogfight score.
4. Bugfix in replay path.
5. Bugfix in editor load map.
6. Added support for per level gravity and "air" resistance.
7. Levels can have horizontal gravity.
8. Added mission_hard, mission_coop3, race00_zero, race04_jupiter, mission04_mod, mission06_mod.
9. Many minor enhancements.
10. Major project files update (compiles for x64 and mac).
11. Fix in pathes used in Linux.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-11-20

1.63 released

1. New door element added. This is used to make levels demand teamwork.
2. Map type MISSION_COOP added. All players get the same score, and only master can send hiscore.
3. Added mission_coop0, mission_coop1, mission_coop2, race14, race15, race16, and race17.
4. "No hit" option is forced on in race maps.
5. Minimap scaled to 150%.
6. Made W,A,S,D control the ship as a complement to the arrow keys. Sound on/off is now toggled with 'N'.
7. Installer for windows available and the installed files shall behave properly by not writing files to the program directory.
8. Other minor fixes.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-10-28

1.62 released

1. AI players integrated to game
2. New look in editor
3. Minor fixes
4. Major code cleanup

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-10-17

1.61ai released

1. Game replay implemented.
2. Global hi-score on project website.
3. Server started in silent mode when game is started.
4. Game physics run at a fixed rate.
5. Bug fixes.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-10-13

1.53ai released

1. Enemy graphics updated.
2. New missions (15,16).
3. New races (12,13).
4. Various map fixes.
5. Various editor fixes.
6. Various game fixes.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-09-18

1.52ai released

1. DirectSound replaced with fmod.
2. Sound now working in Linux.
3. New music by Omar Soriano.
4. Variable width landingzones.
5. New features in editor.
6. Game now displays in any resolution.
7. Firewall issues resolved.
8. Improvements to source tree.
9. A new mission map added.
10. Various bug fixes.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-08-28

1.40ai released

1. Linux port working (no sound yet).
2. New font (pixel instead of ttf to work the same regardless of OS)
3. Font compiler and resource compiler tools added.
4. VC 6 project files deleted since they were outdated.
5. Major code cleanup.

Help is still wanted to implement new features, and also implement sound support in Linux.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-03-01

1.38ai released

1. Network code rewritten to suit porting better.
2. VC 2008 project files added.
3. Map editor now using windowed mode.
4. Major code cleanup.
5. Bugfix of gui list.
6. Bugfix in connection procedure.

Help is wanted to implement new features, and also to try porting the game to Linux.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2011-01-12

1.36ai released

1. Mission hiscore is now is in decimals, and depends on time also
2. Dogfight score is in decimals, and depends on time also
3. Bugfix in gui list (selecting el 0 with pgup/arrow up)
4. Selection marker in GUI can be clicked and moved with the mouse

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-27

1.35ai released

1. New GUI Option "No hit" (free from player bullets).
2. Mission is now played as a competition, not cooperation.
3. Mission gameplay is now only one level at a time (no nextlevel).
4. Lifes left gives 50 points at the end of a mission or dogfight.
5. Hiscore for dogfight removed, since it is useless.
6. Limit to CPU usage in the pre game gui.
7. Numerous bugfixes in GUI.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-22

1.34ai released

1. Ingame minimap for race mission and dogfight.
2. New GUI option "flythrough", for mission and race. Player do not collide if checked.
3. Bugfix in enabling the no fire option in the GUI after ready is unchecked (on a mission map).
4. Some code cleanup.
5. dns name "" is new default server. (hiscores will be saved here).
(old server is not compatible)

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-20

1.32ai released

1. Adjustments to refueling and loading/unloading cargo times.
2. New tileset: frost
3. Replaced mission12 with a new one. Old mission12 is now "narrow" in the external maps directory, removed old external map ("enemies"). All missions are now playable for 3-4 players.
4. All code concerning timelimit option is removed from server and game.
5. Race 7 and 11 now uses the new frost tileset.
6. Added some logging to the server

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-17

1.31ai released

1. Pingtest (for UDP traffic) between players.
An exclamation mark is shown beside players that have problems with traffic not going both ways on UDP.
2. GUI list has a scrollbar.
3. GUI layout has improved, timelimit option removed.
4. Made fullscreen work again.

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-15

1.30ai released

1. Dogfight3 added
2. Fix with line length in the GUI-list (chat)
3. Bugfix when selecting outside of a list by clicking (locked forever)
4. Bugfix in server when a player leaves the game, the end conditions are now updated.
5. Pad can be turned off in config file

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-14

1.29ai released

1. OpenGL fix, hopefully it solved problems on many graphics cards.
2. Chat messages can now be very long without screwing up the screen.
3. New tiles in tileset, and tile improvements. (It was frustrating to make maps without these tiles).
4. A new dogfight map that supports 8 players.
5. Minor fixes to other maps.
6. Fixes to mapeditors "mask approximation".

Posted by Ronnie Hedlund 2007-04-12