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Galaxy Bots v0.2

Changes made:
- Add splash screen while loading
- Fixed bug (when winning a tutorial, the winstate message is not displayed)
- Fixed bug (when winning a tutorial, score screen is displayed twice)
- Fixed bug (when starting a tutorial, state 1's init() not called)
- Added campaign level 1
- Added rank for players
- Added campaign level 2
- Fixed bug (array index out of bounds exception)
- Added rank consideration for AI (and thus increased AI dependence on common code)
- Added campaign level 3
- Added rearm ability for worker ships
- Refactored overlay code a little
- change missile ships to have lower defence/sheilds
- changed structures to have significantly lower defences

Posted by Metal Carratt 2012-03-21


Galaxy Bots is a turn-based strategy game for Anrdoid set in space.
As of the first release the game is fully playable, although I still have many things to add.

The game engine includes:
- The ability to move units, attack with cannons are fire missiles
- The ability to command worker ships to mine asteroids and build base structures
- The ability for base structures to produce units
- Two types of units - units with a shield and armour system, and units with a squad system
- The ability to load and save games
- The ability for worker ships to repair damaged units
- The ability for fighter units to hide on asteroids
- The ability for stars to burn nearby units
- A system for resource gathering which includes: mining asteroids, upgrading mines and calculating resource gathered based on distance of mine to nearest base command... read more

Posted by Metal Carratt 2012-03-03