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new website

Finally I got fed up with the handcrafted, hard to maintain and hard to read website and installed wordpress. I hope to be able to update the content more often and make it more interesting. Everybody is also invited to participate. Create content, share ideas, make comments or trackbacks.

Posted by Rolf 2007-04-29

granule released for PDA

Today I released the ipk files for granule. Granule is a flash-card software with a Leitner-based repetition scheme. The ipk are for OpenZaurus and should be considered alpha since there has been no optimization yet for the low resolution of the SL-5500 for example.

Posted by Rolf 2006-10-09

Johnny joins as dev at

We welcome Johnny Andersson to the gakusei project. Along with him, he brings a "ready-to-take-for-a-spin" vocab trainer which is one of our main goals and tasks. The software is only available for the Zaurus PDA at the moment and thus furthers the focus of gakusei on this little gadget, but Johnny also shares our dedication to providing cross-platform solutions. Expect something for your Desktop and possibly other PDAs in the future. While I thought the old name of ZNarau was kind of cute, Johnny even changed the name of his project to JARDS to reflect this hardware independence.... read more

Posted by Rolf 2006-09-12

Keyboard-based Japanese input for OpenZaurus released

We have released the packages for Japanese keyboard input called QPOBox. Get them while they are hot from the files page.

OpenZaurus-based PDA now have both keyboard-based and handwriting-based Japanese input methods available.

Posted by Rolf 2006-08-27

Japanese HWR for OpenZaurus released

Today, we released the ipk package for nunome for the Sharp Zaurus plus the necessary ipk dependencies. Nunome is a Kanji and Kana handwriting recognition. This means that Openzaurus now has Japanese input capabilities publicly available.

A keyboard-based input method is likely to follow soon.

Posted by Rolf 2006-08-27

Alexandre joins as dev at

The project is moving along nicely. Today, AlexTe joined the ranks of devs at - and with a splash he did. He is the first to successfully compile and run a complete and working Japanese input method for OpenZaurus. That makes me forever indebted to him as I can now finally dump SharpROM. We will soon distribute the files here. Stay tuned.

All hail AlexTe, welcome in the team.

Posted by Rolf 2006-05-07

Achim joins as dev at

We are glad that the influx of devs continues. Achim[1] is the latest geek to join us here at He is a PHD-student in computer science but very busy at the moment. We hope he is able to stop by and share his wisdom from time to time nonetheless. よろしく!


Posted by Rolf 2006-02-02

Luke-Jr joins as dev at

After we welcomed pH5 aka Philipp yesterday, we are happy to announce that Luke-Jr, likewise from the camp has also joined the ranks here at Welcome aboard and glad to have you on the team.

We hope to be able to keep at growing the gakusei community to reach critical mass for cracking out all kinds of goodies to help learners of the Japanese language. 頑張りまーす!

Posted by Rolf 2006-01-29

Philipp joins as dev at

We welcome pH5 [1] aka Philipp in the rung of developers at [2].

He apparently is a very talented dev since he managed to get anthy [3] to cross-compile on OpenEmbedded [4] which we thusly are going to host here as well. This brings us an important step closer to have Japanese input capabilities on the PDA devices supported by Aren't you all anxious to use your PDA for learning on-the-go and do it with free software? ... read more

Posted by Rolf 2006-01-26